Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCXCI

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCXCI

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 291

We’re sort of back to normal on this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show (if you can call ANYTHING on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show “normal”).  That obviously means a metric tonne of new stuff, including tracks from 1349, Sonata Arctica, Orange Goblin and Exodus.

This week’s Record Of The Week is introduced by David, there’s a Covered… Dr Jim’s here with another Hammer Of Retribution (yes, two shows in a row!)…

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Protokult - No Beer In Heaven

Protokult – No Beer In Heaven


Self-release/Asher Media

Review by Rick Ossian

At this point I think it would be safe to say that I’m going to give these players top marks for form and content alone. If you’ve never heard Folk Metal, this would be a grand place to start.

On with the show!

Protokult are on their second full length album, their first being 2010’s Ancestral Anthems.  The meat between the bread slices, as it were,…

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Changes Afoot at The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Website

Changes Afoot at The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Website

I’m not sure how many of you have noticed, but there have been a couple of changes here at The Wyrd Ways Rock Show website.  One of them is that Amy Flame has left us, unfortunately.  She’s moved on to work for Terrorizer magazine.  Well done, Amy!  I hope we helped in some small way.

Another change is that you may well have noticed the appearance of a Members Area on the menu bar down the left…

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Interesting Promo Items, Number 1

Interesting Promo Items, Number 1

Here we go with the first in what will hopefully be a regular series…  Interesting Promo Items, in which we will take a look at the promo items record companies send out to try and whip up some interest in their forthcoming and new releases.  Some are incredibly on-the-nose, whilst still showing the band’s sense of humour (such as the cassette of Gama Bomb‘s AFM Records debut, The Terror Tapes).

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More Bands Announced for Bloodstock 2015

More Bands Announced for Bloodstock 2015

It’s all systems go for Bloodstock 2015 over at festival HQ.

No rest for the wicked!

As well as the recently announced Saturday night headliners, Within Temptation and special guests, Opeth, more bands are getting locked in for August 2015.

Following Emperor’s triumphant headlining set at Bloodstock this year, Emperor frontman Ihsahn brings his solo project to Catton Park as a one-off, UKexclusiv…

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Robbing Bastards!

This post is prompted by Stephen Hills‘ breakfast show on TeamRock Radio.  He brought up the old chestnut about music fans being ripped off.  This time it was all about ticket prices.  Which are daylight robbery.  Here’s my take on it:

I went to see Metallica at the St George’s Hall in Bradford back in 1988 for £9 (or thereabouts).  Late on last year, I went to see Black Sabbath at the Sheffield…

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Adopt the “Agent of Change” Principle

Adopt the “Agent of Change” Principle

The bedrock of the UK live music scene is under threat and we must stand against it’s destruction.

All across the country, live music venues being threatened with closure because of changes in planning laws designed to encourage more residents to move into town centres.

This change in policy was intended to address housing shortages.  It means that former offices, car parks and sundry other…

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KaiDekA - Honour Amongst Thieves DEMO VIDEO

KaiDekA – Honour Amongst Thieves DEMO VIDEO

This is a hot one!  A new demo video by underground band, KaiDekA, a taster of what’s to come on their forthcoming third album.

For those of you not in the know:

Formed in 2008, KaiDekA are one of the most prominent names in the UK UndergroundMetal Scene having over 250 shows to their name and gaining a reputation for tight, energetic live shows.  With two studio releases already under their belt,

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Blast In The Belgrave

Blast In The Belgrave

Blast At The Belgrave

In a musical genre traditionally dominated by the masculine, the feminine has, with a few notable exceptions, been side-lined.  Now, following a trail blazed by Doro Pesch, Sean Yseault and Angela Gossow, a new generation of women have finally begun to smash past the hegemony of male pre-eminence.

The Blast In The Belgrave is a celebration of the achievements of those pioneers in the field of He…

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IAMOMEGA, The Packhorse, Leeds; 29th August 2014

IAMOMEGA, The Packhorse, Leeds; 29th August 2014

I haven’t heard of IAMOMEGA before and struggled to find any info about them online. So this is quite unusual, to come at a band completely blind. It’s fun, actually. IAMOMEGA are a three piece comprising of a lead singer/guitarist on a gorgeous Washburn, a drummer and a bassist. We are surprised by powerful vocals, very clear and true. The drums are a bit loud in the mix, like they’ve been set…

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